Author Bio

Wyckoff vineyards in the Yakima Valley.
One of my favorite pictures from my time as a teaching intern for the Wine Production program at the Northwest Wine Academy.

I’m a geek who drinks and occasionally writes about what I’m drinking and geeking out over.

This path of geekdom has led me to the Society of Wine Educators where I earned my Certified Specialist in Wine (CSW) in 2008 and to the Northwest Wine Academy where I earned a degree in Wine Marketing & Sales and Winemaking from 2010-2012. This included a year as a teaching intern in the wine production program under winemaker Peter Bos.

In 2014, I passed the Wine Spirits & Education Trust Level 3 exam with distinction and am currently working on the WSET Diploma level. In many ways this blog is a study tool for me so you will see frequent links to articles and books I’m reading.

For several years, I toiled away on Wikipedia under the username of Agne27 where I created over 800 different wine articles (such as History of French wine and Yeast in Winemaking) and substantially rewrote several others like Malolactic Fermentation and Barolo.

In the industry, I’ve worked at restaurants, grocery stores, wineries and wine shops so I’ve been around a few blocks. But this is a personal blog with all the opinions presented being solely my own.