Samples Policy

Spitbucket is an independent blog with all opinions being solely my own. Maybe a little of my wife’s because…well, marriage.

The vast majority of the wines featured on this blog are items that I’ve purchased myself–often from a variety of sources. Others will be wines that I’ve experienced at tasting events, dinners or winery visits.

I am open to accepting samples from wineries for review with the following conditions.

1.) All samples received will be noted as a sample in its review.

At this time, I am only open to receiving samples of wines or wine books. I’m not interested in paid promotion opportunities or underwritten posts. I may be interested in reviewing products but would need to know more details.

2.) Acceptance of samples does not guarantee a review.

I will review wines on a time table of my convenience that works with my scheduling calendar for posts. I will not review wines that are faulted or that I seriously do not like.

3.) I maintain 100% editorial control over the content of the review.

You are welcomed to submit tasting notes and promotional materials that highlight what is unique about your wine and winery. In fact, I would eagerly like such details as often they are lacking on many winery websites.

While I will try to focus on the positives and who may like a particular wine, I do not guarantee a 100% positive review.

4.) Wineries are welcomed to post my review on their web-page, newsletter and social media with a relevant link to the original blog post.

As long as attribution is provided, wineries have my full consent to use the review as they like.

On my end, I will promote the post via my social media channels of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Examples of Reviews Written About Sample-Received Wines

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To inquire about sending samples please email me at

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