A toast


For the ones who push a shopping cart through the wine aisle at the grocery store baffled at all the sales tags,

This is a toast to you.

For the ones who open up a restaurant wine list just wanting to find a good bottle that isn’t going to cost them a fortune (or make them look like a fool),

This is a toast to you.

For the ones who got excited at a high score from Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Advocate, Wine Whatever, only to take it home from the store and be disappointed,

This is a toast to you.

For the ones standing near the tasting bar at the winery, listening to the person next to them regaling the winery staff with their keen perception of “Malo”, “pre-mox”, “VA” and the use of oak chips instead of real Tronçais barrels,

This is toast to you.

For the brave ones who waded into the world of wine forums populated by folks with seemingly bottomless wallets but limited tolerance for dissenting or “newbie” opinions,

This is a toast to you.

It’s a toast because you have still stuck with it. Despite all the headaches and BS that frequently crosses our paths in the wine world, you are still chugging along in search of the delicious bottle. You have still kept a thirsty palate and a curious mind to wander the web for another voice to chat about wine with.

Welcome! And happy spitting!



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